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Processed Materials:

River pebbles, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, calcite, quartz, diabase, coal, calcium carbide, etc.


Metal and non-metallic ores, building materials, artificial sand, metallurgical slag, etc.

Type: Complete sets of sand making equipment Input Size: 35-50mm

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+ Overview

LiMing Heavy's VU sand aggregate system is an advanced dry sand making system. It has been completely updated and upgraded on the basis of the existing dry sand making system. It adopts a highly-integrated tower-style fully-enclosed arrangement and incorporates highly efficient sand production. The optimization of grain size, stone powder control, gradation adjustment, moisture content control, and environmental protection treatment not only significantly increase the production efficiency, but also realize the comprehensive improvement of various indicators such as sand type, gradation, and powder content. The performance of machine-made sand is comparable to that of natural sand, creating new opportunities and values for the development of sand, cement, and concrete industrial chains.

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1. High quality of finished sand

The finished sand grading, grain type, powder content and other technical indicators are excellent, and the performance is stable and can be regulated, which can be comparable to high-quality natural sand.

2. Low consumption and low cost

The comprehensive innovation of broken grinding technology, the improvement of the single equipment performance and the reasonable connection of the process have realized low consumption; the low-cost tailings such as "stone chips" and "fruit pieces" can be used as raw materials to make sand, achieving low cost.

3. Fineness modulus adjustable

The fineness modulus adjustment is convenient (2.2-3.2).

4. More accurate classification

The classification accuracy is more accurate than before. The same product as wet sand can be produced by adding a water mixer.

5. Process environmental protection

The equipment is fully enclosed and dust does not spill. Environmentally-friendly dry process, no need to wash, no sewage, silt, dust, etc.

+ Working Principle

LiMing VU Sandstone Aggregate System adopts a reasonable dry process to reproduce natural crushing, erosion and natural washing in the formation process of natural sand, which greatly improves the performance of finished sand. -15mm raw material (can be cheap and easily available raw materials such as chipping stone and melon stone) after being treated reasonably and efficiently by VU system, the output gradation is reasonable, the grain shape is rounded, the finished product sand with controllable powder content, and drying Clean, high value-added stone powder that can be recycled uniformly (depending on the raw materials, the applicable range is determined).

+ Specifications - Technical Data

型号 参数名称
入料粒径(mm) 原料投入量(t/h) 机制砂产量(t/h) 石粉含量(可调) 装机功率(Kw)
VU-70 0-15 65-70 55-60 3-15% 450
VU-120 0-15 110-120 95-105 3-15% 830


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